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Smoking, stains from dark coloured drinks and the ageing process are all reasons why teeth become darker.


Stains are classified into two categories:

•Extrinsic - stains that are on the surface of the tooth

•Intrinsic - stains that are on the inside of the tooth and show through the enamel as discoloration.


Over the counter whitening toothpastes and chewing gums may remove some surface stains, they do not remove the darker internal stains. If you have cavities and/or gum problems please get them treated before booking a teeth whitening procedure with us.


Whilst there are no studies to prove that the oxidation (whitening) process is harmful to a foetus,  it is almost impossible not to swallow a little whitening gel, we therefore do not conduct teeth whitening during pregnancy or during weaning.


To be over cautious, because Doctors do not recommend teeth whitening to children under the age of 14, because the pulp chamber continues to grow until age 14 and whitening can cause damage or inflammation in the pulp, we will not treat anyone under 18.


To ensure a great overall result, you should wait at least 9 months after have a brace removed before teeth whitening, because the tooth may show signs where the brace had been fitted.


Teeth whitening cannot alter the shade of crowns, bridges and veneers, but will give them a great clean and take them back to their original natural whiteness.


Teeth whitening does not last for ever. The average results are 9-12 months depending on lifestyle.


There's no evidence that teeth whitening process has a harmful effect on a tooth's nerve.


SmileAgain™ is a cosmetic product and process fully that complies with EU Directive 2011/84/EU and is completely safe.


About Teeth Whitening

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"SmileAgain™ is a cosmetic product and process that fully complies with EU Directive 2011/84/EU and is completely safe."